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First off, we're going to explain real quick what Advertise Free Online is all about, and why you'll want to be here every day.

AFO is no hype, no fluff, no BS, just the real deal, we keep it simple here at Advertise Free Online.

Over the years, we've found that when you add too many features into an advertising system, it tends to complicate things for members which causes them not to take action..

This equals = poor or no results.. and that's not good for you!

The flip side to that coin is keeping a happy and active membership alive and thriving. See, websites are just pages online, but membership sites are alive because of the members who visit and interact with one another every day. Our social component and private messaging system help us one-up the competition and bring you quality first.

You see, we're a powerful, unique, and fun credit-based advertising exchange with a social network built in. AFO sports a top-of-the-line referral builder to help you build downlines in any program you choose, another +1.

You get free advertising and brand recognition which generates website traffic to your offers from our main pages, inside the member's area, all member's blogs, and from our network of websites. Real simple, real value. The visitors come from text links, banner ads, login ads & full page ads which members view because they WANT to. That's all, it's that simple.

One of the main things that sets Advertise Free Online apart is that members do not receive emails from other members at all. "What?? No way!" What say you?

This is something that will end up being very refreshing for those of you who already have memberships at 20, 30+ ad exchange sites..
How many emails do you get daily from exchanges or viral mailer sites? I can bet hundreds if not thousands, right?

So instead, here at "Advertise Free Online"...
Members are given the incentive to view and click ads. We have a system in place so that every time you surf or click 50 ads in a day, you earn an entry into the drawing to win CASH and prizes.

The cash and prizes (credits & advertising) will be added to the member's account instantly when they win and members will be posted online when they win as well!

Members can win unlimited times, and can qualify every day just by clicking on, or surfing through at least 50 ads before 24:00EST Daily!

Now, if you think the fun stops there, then you're in for a surprise. AFO has many other contests, such as referral contests, top clicker of the day, week, and month from our surf bar contest, and top clicker of the day, week, and month for banner or text ad clicking.

This gives each member the option to advertise free online and have fun while doing it. Gain valuable sign-ups for your biz-ops or lists and promote your favorite traffic exchange program.

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